Speech Therapy Internship

Speech Therapy Internship in Cambodia

Gain practical experience working on a Speech Therapy placement in Cambodia

¿De qué se trata?

  • Work with local staff to provide support to children with speech and language impairments.
  • Gain practical experience by assisting with or running therapy sessions with children.
  • Help to ensure disadvantaged children are able to access specialised care.

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2 semanas


18 o más
You should have completed at least two years of speech therapy related studies or training.

Is a Speech Therapy Internship in Cambodia right for me?

Are you a speech therapy student or graduate? Looking to gain practical experience in a country different from your own? Want to enhance your CV with a unique, impactful work placement? If you answered yes, then this internship is ideal for you.

You will have the chance to help people while putting your knowledge into practice.

In order to join this internship, you need to have completed at least one year of speech therapy studies or training. This is because you will work independently at your placement. Speech Therapy is a new field of work in Cambodia, and there is great demand to learn Speech Therapy skills and techniques from interns.

Our start and end dates are flexible, so you can choose a time that suits you.

Support speech development

Your speech therapy work in Cambodia will focus on the following areas:

Assist with speech therapy sessions

You will conduct therapy sessions for children with speech impairments. This is a great way for you to gain hands-on experience. Some of the issues you will work on include cluttering, apraxia of speech, dysarthria, and articulation disorder. 

If you would like to bring toys with you, you are more than welcome to do so. These will be greatly beneficial for the patients you will work with. Good examples include:

  • Toys that light up or have music
  • Toys that involve fine motor skills such as pulling apart or piecing together
  • Tongue depressors
  • Bubbles
  • Balloons

Provide training for local staff

Local teachers and staff are eager to gain skills to support the children. They have had extremely limited training with Speech Therapy techniques and knowledge. You will help to provide training to these staff by organising workshops or simply sharing your knowledge. By improving the skills of the local staff, you’ll ensure that the children in their care benefit from the latest techniques, even after you have gone.

Keep track of children’s progress 

Monitoring the progress of the people we help ensures that we can track improvements and target problem areas. You will update an internal Database with the children’s latest developments. This also ensures continuity between interns, so that the next person can pick up where you leave off.

Support children in class

Apart from your speech therapy-related work, there is also plenty that goes on in the school. You may find yourself providing extra stimulation and interaction for the children. This may entail teaching them basic skills, such as maths or colouring in. You can assist in the classroom and also use the sensory room.

Where in Cambodia will I work?

Nom Pen

All of our opportunities to do internships in Cambodia are based in Phnom Penh, a magnificent city along the banks of the Tonlé Sap and Mekong Rivers. With many historical sites that detail the events of the Khmer Rouge era, the city is definitely one for history enthusiasts.

Even with Cambodia’s history of war, the city is rapidly developing to keep up with an expanding population and growing tourism industry. In some places, it can be an intriguing mix of traditional and modern life. And, around every corner, your nose will be lead to some of the most delicious Cambodian food.

As you walk the streets, you’ll be greeted by saffron-clad monks, chaotic traffic, and some of the friendliest locals you’ll ever meet. You can spend time at the many Buddhist temples, sample delicious fish amok or Cambodian chicken curry, or visit one of the local markets and modern malls. And only a few hours away, lie the grand Angkor Wat Temples. 

Recibimiento en el aeropuerto, vuelos y visado

Cuando llegues al aeropuerto, personal de Projects Abroad te estará esperando. Puedes encontrar más detalles sobre tu llegada al aeropuerto, orientación y visado en nuestra página de Procedimientos de Llegada a Camboya.

A typical day at my Speech Therapy placement in Cambodia

After breakfast, it’s time to head to work. You’ll travel to your placement via tuktuk. On your first day, our staff will be there to show you how to get there, and support you with your work. 

A typical working day runs from 8am - 4pm, Monday to Friday, with around two hours for lunch. 

You will spend your day working alongside local staff in classrooms and leading therapy sessions for children with speech impairments in a separate sensory room. There is space to be very proactive and independent on this internship, so use your initiative where you see fit.

There is also room to help with related tasks. These include teaching basic skills, helping with daily lessons, and training staff.

After the working day has come to a close, it’s time to enjoy all that Cambodia has to offer. Spend time getting to know your fellow interns and making new friends from around the world.

What are the aims and impact of this Speech Therapy project?

There are two main aims to this project: to provide you with an educational, practical internship and to improve the quality of specialised care available to disabled people.

Many of the interns who join us are looking for practical work experience in an international environment. We ensure that you are able to practice your skills and take part in a variety of related tasks for a well-rounded time abroad. You’ll take part in valuable cross-cultural exchange, sharing knowledge and ideas.

You will work with children to improve their speech, which in turn aids their sense of wellbeing and independence. You’ll act as an additional pair of hands in under-resourced institutions, ensuring that children receive dedicated and specialised care.

We have identified several core goals for our medical work in Cambodia. These include:

  • Improving hygiene standards
  • Improving the quality of overall healthcare to patients
  • Improving the quality of specialised healthcare available to patients
  • Improving access to basic healthcare for disadvantaged groups
  • Promoting the exchange of medical knowledge

Join us as an intern and gain speech therapy work experience in Cambodia. This will allow you to prepare for your future career, while helping those who can benefit from your training.

Planes de gestión

Hemos establecido los objetivos para nuestros proyectos en documentos llamados Planes de Gestión. Los usamos para planificar adecuadamente la labor que realizarás. También nos ayudan a medir y evaluar nuestros logros e impacto cada año.

Básicamente, nuestros Planes de Gestión nos ayudan a mejorar nuestros proyectos. Esto significa que formarás parte de algo que tiene un impacto real donde más se necesita. Lee más sobre nuestros Planes de Gestión.

Midiendo nuestro impacto

Nuestros proyectos trabajan hacia objetivos claros a largo plazo con objetivos anuales específicos. Cada voluntario e interno que enviamos a nuestros proyectos nos ayudan a trabajar para alcanzar estos objetivos, sin importar cuánto tiempo participen en sus proyectos.

Cada año miramos hacia atrás y vemos cuánto hemos progresado hacia esos objetivos. También creamos un Reporte de Impacto Global que documenta nuestros logros. Obtén más información sobre el impacto que logra nuestra comunidad global de voluntarios, internos y personal y lee el último informe.

Comida y alojamiento

Compartirás alojamiento con otros voluntarios e internos de Projects Abroad durante tu proyecto en Nom Pen. Es una gran forma de conocer mejor a tus compañeros, compartir experiencias y explorar los alrededores juntos.

Nuestro alojamiento es seguro, limpio y cómodo. El coste del programa incluye tres comidas al día.

Descubre más sobre nuestro alojamiento.

Actividades de ocio y tiempo libre

Cuando explores Camboya te sorprenderá la mezcla de ciudades vibrantes, increíbles paisajes y famosos sitios históricos. Este país tiene mucho que ofrecerte en tu tiempo libre. 

Los famosos templos cercanos a Siem Reap son una visita obligada para todos los viajeros, especialmente los magníficos Angkor Wat. Subir por enormes raíces de árboles hasta las puertas de templos cubiertos por enredaderas ¡seguro despiertas a tu Indiana Jones interior!

Pero Camboya tiene más que sólo templos antiguos. Puedes practicar senderismo en la selva o hacer snorkel y avistar delfines en los mares que rodean Sihanoukville. Si quieres una tarde tranquila puedes pasar el rato en una hermosa playa. 

Lo mejor es que en Camboya habrá más voluntarios con los que podrás explorar tu alrededores o simplemente hacerlo por tu cuenta.

Seguridad y respaldo de nuestro personal

Tu seguridad es nuestra prioridad. Contamos con procedimientos para asegurar que tengas el apoyo que necesitas para disfrutar tu viaje tranquilamente. Nuestro personal está disponible las 24 horas al día para asegurar que te sientas cómodo en tu alojamiento y programa. Si tienes problemas, ellos te ayudarán en cualquier momento.

Descubre más sobre nuestra estrategia de seguridad y respaldo.

Cuando te registras solo pagas 295€ que se descontarán del precio total. Contamos con opciones de pago flexibles y asesoría de recaudación de fondos.

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