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Gap Year Abroad with Projects Abroad

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Volunteer during your Gap Year

Volunteer in Tanzania

A gap year is a great opportunity to put your time into a meaningful and rewarding volunteer program, and Projects Abroad offers a wide range of opportunities and regions to suit your interests. With more than 250 trained staff in our destinations, and offering over 100 generic projects, we are one of the leading international volunteer organizations. It is thanks to our three and a half thousand volunteers who work in a developing country every year that we are able to continue functioning. Our prime responsibility is to the volunteers and we take this very seriously.

Programs for your Gap Year

Conservation in Cambodia

Through our gap year international programs, your time and efforts in volunteering will be greatly appreciated and your role will be important. With Projects Abroad, you will provide new benefits and services for poor people living in the countries where you work by improving the social and physical environment around the developing world. You also will provide new opportunities and perhaps a greater vision for other volunteers. In the long run, we sincerely hope that we bring more cross-cultural understanding into the world.

Opportunities during your Gap Year

Through your volunteering program, you will not only provide beneficial aid and services to your community, but you will also gain from your cross-cultural immersion. As part of the global economy, we help create local employment wherever we send volunteers. Employing local staff overseas and using their talents and knowledge is important to us. Local knowledge and support enables us to channel the skills of our volunteers to regions around the world where they are needed. Volunteers also learn from their placements and the people they meet while gaining experience in a chosen field. In the 21st century, we believe this mutual respect is what cultural exchange is all about.