New-born turtles make their way to the ocean on a black sand beach after being released by a group of Conservation volunteers.

Conservation Group Volunteer Trips to Mexico

Live and work with a group in Mexico and become part of our ongoing efforts to protect endangered sea turtles.

¿De qué se trata?

Team up with like-minded people and volunteer with sea turtles in Mexico as a group. You’ll work closely with conservation experts at a local ecological centre. You’ll also work in a nearby lagoon and on a black sand beach. By working as a team, you’ll be able to accomplish a lot during your short time abroad!

In Mexico, turtles are under threat. They’re losing their nesting grounds because of coastal erosion, and poachers steal their eggs every year. You’ll work together to move nests to protected corrals, and then release hatchlings safely into the ocean. You’ll also help preserve the biodiversity of the surrounding area by doing scientific studies and working with crocodiles and iguanas. The data you collect is used by researchers across the Americas.

You’ll be based in Cuyutlan, and stay with your group in shared accommodation close to the beach. When you’re not working, we’ve organised activities for you to enjoy, along with an exciting weekend trip. Throughout it all, Projects Abroad staff will be at your side to supervise and guide you.   

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Durante todo el año

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2 semanas


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Is a conservation group volunteer trip to Mexico right for me?

If you have a strong interest in working with marine life on land, and you want a more adventurous experience outdoors, this is the project for you. It’s one of our Team Trips, where we run a project on fixed dates so individuals from around the world can come together to form a group. This means that conservation volunteering with a group in Mexico lets you travel with the assurance of constant companionship. You’ll also have Projects Abroad staff with you every step of the way.

Our Conservation Team Trip in Mexico runs over fixed dates throughout the year. You choose the dates that best fit your schedule. Everything is organised for you from the moment you step off the plane in Guadalajara. 

Besides having a tangible impact on ongoing conservation programmes, you’ll also gain practical experience. You’ll be able to learn a lot from our team, who are all conservation experts with years of experience in the field. This could help you if you’re planning on pursuing a career in conservation, or working on a dissertation for a major like biology or zoology.

You don’t need previous experience to join. You’ll be supervised by experts, and our staff are always available to provide guidance and advice.

A conservation group volunteer cleans a turtle on a trip to Mexico.

What will I do on this project?

There’s always a lot to be done at Cuyutlan! Here are some of the activities you can get involved in:


  • Search for and relocate turtle eggs and safeguard turtle nests
  • Clean and maintain turtle tanks and care for sea turtles at the ecological centre
  • Study the area’s biodiversity as part of important research initiatives
  • Participate on beach clean-ups during the afternoons
  • Explore Mexico and learn more about the culture with your group

Your project will be divided into the following ways:


Help safeguard turtle nests


Coastal erosion is a big problem affecting turtles in Mexico. However, poachers have proven to be an even bigger problem. Once a turtle has laid eggs, poachers dig up the eggs to sell at local markets. To protect the nests, we do beach patrols everyday. When we find a nest, we move it to a safe location at the ecological centre we work with. This is a protected area, and the eggs will incubate in peace here. Once the eggs hatch, we release hatchlings into the ocean.


Care for turtles at the ecological centre


At the ecological centre, the government has given them permission to keep turtles, especially those who have been injured and cannot be released back into the wild. They need your help to look after all the turtles living here. Your group will help clean the tanks, and make sure turtles are fed and cared for. Each turtle is also weighed and measured once a month.


Biodiversity studies


You will be required to monitor the presence and condition of wildlife in the Palo Verde estuary and El Chupadero lagoon. Here, you’ll:


  • Maintain a register through direct observation and trap cameras for night surveillance
  • Monitor and collect data on the state of nearby mangrove forests
  • Grow mangrove seedlings in a greenhouse
  • Reforest areas where the mangrove forest has been damaged or removed


Working with mangroves is especially important. Mangroves provide a habitat for marine life, they protect coastlines from soil erosion, and they help in the fight against climate change. We need your team’s help to plant as many as possible!


Community beach clean-ups


Reducing litter in our oceans is vital for keeping marine life safe. Rubbish, particularly non-biodegradable plastic, is hazardous. The sea turtles that nest here can get caught in the discarded plastic. Or, they may mistake it for food, which can hurt and even kill them.


Your group will work together to keep the beach as clean as possible. With this many hands involved, you’ll be able to remove a lot of rubbish from the environment.


Exploring Mexico


Finally, this project is also an opportunity for you to travel, learn, and grow in a safe environment with a group of volunteers. On the weekend, we’ll take you on a trip to a local beach resort to experience more of Mexico. Make the most of the opportunity to have some fun in the sun with your fellow volunteers.

Where will I work in Mexico?


During your time in Mexico, you’ll be based in Cuyutlan. With its black-sand beaches, gentle waves, and laid-back attitude, Cuyutlan feels a world away from everywhere.  


You’ll spend most of your time working at El Tortugario Centro Ecológico de Cuyutlan, and working directly on the beach or in a nearby lagoon. 


You'll be accommodated in a shared house close to both the town centre and the beach. The accommodation is close to the ecological centre, making for an easy commute to work. The house has several single and same-sex shared bedrooms, as well as a communal kitchen and a swimming pool. You’ll all pitch in to help with some basic maintenance and cleaning at the house.

Recibimiento en el aeropuerto, vuelos y visado

Cuando llegues al aeropuerto, personal de Projects Abroad te estará esperando. Puedes encontrar más detalles sobre tu llegada al aeropuerto, orientación y visado en nuestra página de Procedimientos de Llegada a México.

What are the aims of this project?

The aim of this project is to bring like-minded people together to protect endangered sea turtles, and preserve the ecological well-being of the area.

The endangered turtles we work with can only lay their eggs on the beach. Unfortunately, these nesting areas are disappearing rapidly. This is because of climate change and increased human development. Poachers also take the eggs to sell at local markets. This is why we are working to protect as many of these nests as possible. We need the help of volunteers like you to do it.

We’re working with specific endangered turtle breeds in Mexico. These include green sea turtles, Olive Ridley sea turtles, and the critically endangered leatherback sea turtles. Statistics about the leatherback turtle are especially frightening. There are only 2,300 female adult Pacific Leatherback turtles left in the wild. 

In addition to protecting turtles, we’re helping preserve the area’s ecological well-being. We monitor the wildlife population, and collect scientific data for scientists and the local government. We’re also working to address coastal erosion by growing and planting mangroves. Not only do mangroves protect coastlines from soil erosion, they also provide a habitat for marine life, and help in the fight against climate change.

Join our Conservation Team Trip in Mexico today, and work together to protect and preserve Mexico’s ecology.

A conservation group volunteers relocates turtle eggs on a trip to Mexico.

Planes de gestión

Hemos establecido los objetivos para nuestros proyectos en documentos llamados Planes de Gestión. Los usamos para planificar adecuadamente la labor que realizarás. También nos ayudan a medir y evaluar nuestros logros e impacto cada año.

Básicamente, nuestros Planes de Gestión nos ayudan a mejorar nuestros proyectos. Esto significa que formarás parte de algo que tiene un impacto real donde más se necesita. Lee más sobre nuestros Planes de Gestión.

Midiendo nuestro impacto

Nuestros proyectos trabajan hacia objetivos claros a largo plazo con objetivos anuales específicos. Cada voluntario e interno que enviamos a nuestros proyectos nos ayudan a trabajar para alcanzar estos objetivos, sin importar cuánto tiempo participen en sus proyectos.

Cada año miramos hacia atrás y vemos cuánto hemos progresado hacia esos objetivos. También creamos un Reporte de Impacto Global que documenta nuestros logros. Obtén más información sobre el impacto que logra nuestra comunidad global de voluntarios, internos y personal y lee el último informe.

Comida y alojamiento

Compartirás alojamiento con otros voluntarios de Projects Abroad durante tu proyecto en México. Es una gran forma de conocer mejor a tus compañeros voluntarios, compartir experiencias y explorar juntos los alrededores.


Tu habitación será sencilla pero cómoda, limpia y segura. El coste del programa incluye tres comidas al día.


Descubre más sobre nuestro alojamiento.

Seguridad y respaldo de nuestro personal

Tu seguridad es nuestra prioridad. Contamos con procedimientos para asegurar que tengas el apoyo que necesitas para disfrutar tu viaje tranquilamente. Nuestro personal está disponible las 24 horas al día para asegurar que te sientas cómodo en tu alojamiento y programa. Si tienes problemas, ellos te ayudarán en cualquier momento.

Descubre más sobre nuestra estrategia de seguridad y respaldo.

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