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For more detailed information about our wide rage of projects, please visit the following websites:

  • Volunteer Conservation in Costa Rica

    Volunteer Conservation in Costa Rica An abundance of wildlife; beautiful sandy beaches; lush rainforests; magnificent waterfalls; these are only some of the natural wonders that Costa Rica has to offer. In the heart of Central America, it is a country which can boast a strong mix of landscapes and cultures, and a population well-known for its friendliness and hospitality.

  • Volunteer Conservation in India

    Volunteer Conservation in India With monsoon forests, the Himalayas, flat plains and awe-inspiring temples, it is impossible to generalize about this diverse sub-continent. To live in India is to experience a way of life totally unlike anything we are used to in the West. Even the most mundane everyday tasks are an adventure! The sights, sounds and smells that assault the senses when arriving in any Indian town really have to be experienced to be believed!

  • Volunteer Conservation in Mexico

    Volunteer Conservation in Mexico The Olive Ridley Turtle lays its eggs on the sandy beaches of the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Unfortunately it has rapidly become an endangered species over the past twenty years. Projects Abroad have set up a camp and research centre to try to preserve this species. The camp is called Campamento Tecoman and is located on the beach itself. Here our volunteers work along side.

  • Volunteer Conservation in Peru

    Volunteer Conservation in Peru Based in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, alongside the famous Madre de Dios river, The Taricaya Centre is our own lodge and your home for the duration of your stay. Conservation in Peru is a project for the more adventurous. Access to the lodge is an hour river-boat journey from the town of Puerto Maldonado. You will be living with up to thirty other volunteers and a resident spider monkey!

  • Volunteer Conservation in South Africa

    Volunteer Conservation in South Africa The Trans-Frontier Conservation Project in Southern Africa is a government-run initiative designed to conserve areas of great biodiversity. A protocol was signed between the governments of South Africa, Mozambique on 22 June 2000 to open their borders to allow for the conservation of trans-boundary ecosystems. Together these three countries work to conserve local wildlife, mountain ecosystems and African cultures.

  • Volunteer Conservation in Sri Lanka

    Volunteer Conservation in Sri Lanka In Sri Lanka Projects Abroad work in partnership with the Department for Wildlife Conservation (DWC) who run various projects throughout the island including a national park in Bundala in the far south. We send volunteers to Bundala National Park to help with a government-funded Turtle Conservation Project. Sea turtles are in danger of being wiped out by natural predators such as wild boar, dogs, rats and scorpions, as well as poachers who steal turtle eggs to sell.

  • Volunteer Conservation in Thailand

    Volunteer Conservation in Thailand Thailand is one of the most visited destinations in the world and this is only to be expected, given its feast of attractions; the golden temples, idyllic beaches and fantastically diverse cuisine are just a few. Having never been colonised by the West, Thailand has been able to maintain its rich culture, and its deep Buddhist faith. The people of Thailand are renowned for their friendliness and are always keen to practice their English with you be it on the bus, at the market, or on the beach.

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  • Internship Law in China

    Internship Law in China A career in law is an increasingly popular choice, and therefore a highly competitive field to be in. If you have decided to enter the competition, what better head start than taking part in a law placement in thriving Shanghai? Our placements give you the opportunity to spend a period of time working for a prestigious law office in China's capital city where you will experience law in a real context, away from the lecture theatre.

  • Volunteer Human rights in Ghana

    Volunteer Human rights in Ghana Ghana is one of the most stable and well-governed countries in Africa, a country in which the rule of law is applied. However there are still many problems, largely stemming from the fact that among ordinary Ghanaians, awareness of individual rights and of how the legal system operates is very low. Volunteers who take part in this project work on the invaluable task of increasing knowledge of basic human rights and ensuring that ordinary people understand what protections they are entitled to by law.

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