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Projects Abroad in Fiji: Arrival Procedure in Nadi

Center of Nadi

Nadi International Airport is a 25-minute drive from the center of Nadi. Most flights arrive very early in the morning. When you arrive at the airport one of our staff in Fiji will be there to meet you. From the airport you will be taken to your host family where you can relax and unpack before being picked up again later to complete your induction in the Projects Abroad office and around your local area.

If your placement is based in Suva, your arrival procedures will depend on your time of arrival. If your flight arrives early enough we will arrange for you to take the the next bus to Suva on the same day. If you arrive later you may stay your first night in Nadi at a local host family. A member of staff with then pick you up in the morning and arrange for you to take a bus to Suva. In either case, our staff in Suva will meet you when the bus arrives and take you to your host family and schedule your induction.

Induction and Orientation

Depending on the time of your flight you will either have your induction in the afternoon of your arrival day or the following day. You will be picked up from your host family and taken for an orientation around town. You will be shown how to reach our office by bus and there you will be introduced to the other staff. You will be shown the handbook and any necessary safety and security measures will be explained.

You will then be shown around town including different landmarks and amenities such as the post office, banks, bureaux de change and you can also buy a local SIM card or phone. You will also have the opportunity to meet the other volunteers who will be very eager to meet you!

Projects Abroad Office in Nadi

After the tour we’ll take you back to your new home to rest and properly settle in. The next morning you will be picked up from your host family and shown how to get to your placement. Most placements are conveniently located a short bus ride away from volunteers’ host families. We will make sure you are comfortable with this commute before you have to do it on your own or with another volunteer.

Please note that if you do need to use local transport to get to and from work you will need to cover the cost, which should not be more than $1.50 per day. When you arrive at your placement, you will be introduced to the supervisor who will explain your role and what you will be doing during your time.

Our host families are Native Fijian or Indian-Fijian and all speak good English.

Projects Abroad has an office in both Suva and Nadi. Both are easily accessible by bus and some host families are within walking distance. Both offices have an area where volunteers can use wifi and can come to use the Teaching and Care resources we have available.