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Care & Community in Jamaica

A Jamaican woman looks on as a representative from Projects Abroad greets a child.

Our Care & Community in Jamaica Grown-up Special is ideal for volunteers aged 50+ who are looking to experience something different and travel with purpose. As a volunteer, you will work in a group alongside other like-minded people your age and spend two weeks helping others, working toward improving their quality of life. This project is suitable for volunteers of all skill levels. All we ask is that volunteers are committed to helping the children at the placement.

At your placement, you will assist local staff with the children’s general care in the mornings, as well as giving the children the extra attention that they need. Through games, songs, and basic literacy and numeracy lessons, you will be able to make a significant and lasting impact on these children’s lives. In the afternoons, you will help with important renovation activities, such as painting a mural or putting in a new floor.

In addition to contributing at your placement, you will also spend a day taking part in outreach activities providing care for others in the community.

During your time in Jamaica you will stay at a hotel or guesthouse. After volunteering, you will have time to socialize and get involved in a variety of activities that will give you first-hand experience of the culture, such as Jamaican cooking classes and optional Reggae dance classes. You will also have the opportunity to learn some of the local language, Patois.

Your two week trip will be structured with a daily timetable and with evening and weekend activities arranged. Together with the other volunteers, you will have the chance to visit and explore the beautiful town of Ocho Rios, as well as some of the stunning beaches that Jamaica is famous for.