En los últimos años hemos llevado a cabo algunos proyectos increíbles en India. Sin embargo, nuestros programas en India permanecerán cerrados hasta nuevo aviso.

Participa en uno de nuestros proyectos consolidados en Sri Lanka o Nepal. Si ya habías decidido que India es el lugar donde quieres viajar, ponte en contacto con nosotros y te avisaremos cuando estemos aceptando voluntarios nuevamente.

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Learn Tamil Abroad

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ATENCIÓN:Los programas en India estarán cerrados hasta nueva aviso.

Tamil Language Courses in India

Tamil Language Courses

Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique culture of southern India on one of our intensive Tamil Language Course projects.

The Tamil language has existed for over two thousand years and is one of the few living classical languages. Tamil is one if the major languages of the Dravidian family and is spoken in many other countries including Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Singapore.

You can learn Tamil with Projects Abroad on an intensive two-week or month-long Language Project, where you will receive an average of 15 hours tuition each week. With accommodation in the home of a local family, you'll learn quickly and can practice what you've learned with your hosts each day. Lessons are with a local language teacher, are tailored to your personal level, and can be adapted to your interests.

After your lessons you will, of course, have plenty of time to complete your homework and explore the region with other volunteers.

Projects Abroad offers many other projects in India such as Business, Journalism, and Medicine internships and spending two weeks or a month studying Tamil would definitely help you if you then choose to continue on another volunteer project. While on your project you could put your new language skills to use in a practical work setting and interact more with your local colleagues.

Alternatively you can undertake a short, 14-hour or 30-hour language course in Tamil that runs alongside your main volunteer project. If you are planning on volunteering abroad for three months or more, you could also complete a 60-hour course alongside your project. For more information please visit our Language Plus projects.